Cynthia Nixon Claims To Be Gay By Choice; Is That Possible?

For a stint in Hollywood, gay was the thing to be. At one time everyone “chose” to be gay or celebrate his or her sexuality. The debate on whether people are born gay or choose to be gay is a prominent conversation everyone is having. This nature versus nurture argument has been debated in the LGBT movement for decades.

Sex and the City star, Cynthia Nixon recently sat down with the New York Times about life after Sex and the City, struggles in Hollywood and her sexuality.  In the recent interview with the New York Times, Nixon mentions her journey in finding her sexuality. She alludes to the fact that for her being gay was a choice.

“I totally reject that,” she said heatedly. “I gave a speech recently, an empowerment speech to a gay audience, and it included the line ‘I’ve been straight and I’ve been gay, and gay is better.’ And they tried to get me to change it, because they said it implies that homosexuality can be a choice. And for me, it is a choice. I understand that for many people it’s not, but for me it’s a choice, and you don’t get to define my gayness for me.”

Hearing much outcry about her experience, Nixon exclaimed:

“I am very annoyed about this issue. Why can’t it be a choice? Why is that any less legitimate? It seems we’re just ceding this point to bigots who are demanding it, and I don’t think that they should define the terms of the debate.”

The remarks caused a stir in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community inundating the blogs and media. Nixon also mentioned to magazine that she was pressured to change what she said because they said it implies that homosexuality can be a choice.

Before her relationship with her partner Christine Marinoni, Nixon was in a 15-year relationship with college sweetheart Danny Mozes. Nixon and Mozes, who split in 2003, have two children together. Everyone’s favorite best friend, Miranda even went further to clarify her remarks she made during that speech, “I’ve been straight and I’ve been gay, and gay is better.”

Do you think being gay is a choice or are people born that way?

  • Americanboi

    The problem is that Cynthia Nixon is not GAY. She’s bi-sexual. So her saying being GAY is a choice is where she messes up, because she isn’t GAY. She’s choosing to be with a woman at this period in her life, just like she chose to be with a man for 15 years. Bi-sexual people have that choice. GAY people do NOT. So when GAY people are fighting for civil rights, and trying to spread understanding about this lifestyle that they did not choose, straight conservative people will now blurt out “Well Cynthia Nixon said its a choice” well of course she would. BECAUSE SHE’S NOT GAY. There IS a difference between GAY and Bi-Sexual! ESPECIALLY when it comes to WOMEN. Women are emotional, they will emotionally attach themselves to a man or a woman and not think about gender or sexuality in the mist of it. She should have been more clear about her lifestyle “choice” because she lives a lifestyle where she does in fact have a CHOICE. Gay people do NOT. Unless its “i like black guys, or white guys, or latino guys”. Im very disappointed in her.