GTF! Student Allegedly Attacked For Writing Gay Marriage Editorial

Authorities at Bridgetown University, a college in Massachusetts, are currently looking for a man and woman who allegedly attacked a college student last week for a writing an article in her college newspaper The Comment about same-sex marriage.

Destinie Mogg-Barkalow, who is openly gay herself, wrote an opinion piece for The Comment over Prop 8. In the article, she called out Prop 8 supporters as intolerant and bigoted. She even expressed that she knows how to run her life and that she can love whomever she wants. It was published on February 15th.

One day on campus, she was approached by a man and a woman, who appeared to look like Bridgetown students. They asked her if she wrote the article that was published. After confirming that she was the writer, the woman allegedly punched her in the face, leaving a large bruise on her face. Mogg-Barkalow was completely stunned and walked back to The Comment office, and that’s when the members called for help.

No one has been arrested yet, but the authorities are currently investigating it as a hate crime. Sketches have been made and they are moving ahead, trying to identify the attacker.

In the meantime, people are rallying up their support for Mogg-Barkalow’s freedom of speech, and expressing their anger over this recent incident. They never expected something like this to happen at Bridgetown University. Even Dana Mohler-Faria, the college president has expressed how she felt about the incident. She sent an email to students and faculty saying:

“Though any form of physical altercation is entirely unacceptable, this incident is all the more reprehensible in that the student was allegedly attacked because she freely expressed herself on the opinion page of the student newspaper. Let there be no doubt whatsoever that this university has zero tolerance for any such actions that impede or curtail the right of the members of our campus community to express themselves freely.”

Roque Caston is a writer, blogger, and journalist who resides in New York City. He’s a college student majoring in Writing & Literature. He created the humor blog “Roque’s Reality” from 2009-2014. His writings has been featured in various digital and print publications such as True Fashionista Now, The Future Forward, Gayosphere, Floss Magazine, Juan& and Swerv Magazine.

  • Antonious

    This sad. I just hope the girl isn’t lying.