Obama Launches ‘African Americans For Obama’ Campaign (VIDEO)

In his latest efforts to attract and connect with black voters, President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign this morning launched African Americans for Obama. Obama released this video yesterday, the first day of Black History month.

Here are the details from the latest blog post:

Today, as our nation kicks off African American History Month, the campaign is launching African Americans for Obama.

When President Obama took the oath of office, our economy was hemorrhaging jobs at a record pace. President Obama inherited a system that allowed a shrinking number of people to get ahead while the rest of us fell behind. But he stopped the bleeding and went to work for our community and our nation. Despite serious challenges, since 2009 restoring our shared values has helped us achieve real progress.

In some ways this election is more important than the last for our community. If we fail to re-elect President Obama, some people will say everything we’ve accomplished since 2008 was a fluke. That’s why we’ve got to speak loudly about his accomplishments and make sure that, throughout the campaign, we’ve got President Obama’s back. You can start today by volunteering or joining your local neighborhood team as a Black Business Captain, Congregation Captain, Barber Shop & Beauty Shop Captain, or HBCU Organizer.

There are ample opportunities to get involved. Begin by watching this message from the President and sharing it with your family and friends.

In a recent study, young African-Americans turned out in higher numbers than did whites of the same age, who historically were thought to be more politically engaged. This campaign can answer to this demand by linking the black community. African Americans for Obama will include programs to empower and engage black business leaders, civic organizations and students at historically black colleges and universities. Other initiatives will include a number of programs geared toward the black community, including one to engage barbershop and beauty salon owners as “opinion leaders” and volunteer recruiters in the community.