RIP BlackPlanet: Creators Launch BlackPlanet Next; Would You Join?

Long, long before the days of Twitter, Myspace and Facebook, BlackPlanet was one of the most popular social networking sites pioneering this thing called the Internet. With African Americans being one of the largest consumer groups of technology, there is no surprise BlackPlanet (Interactive One) has been working over the years to meet this demand.

Today, BlackPlanet and Interactive One released it’s answer BlackPlanet Next. BlackPlanet Next is a social curation engine targeted towards the African-American consumer that makes connecting with friends and discovering new information easier, more fun and more culturally relevant.

“BlackPlanet Next is the only sure way for brands to reach Black audiences in a social environment,” said Keith Bowen, Chief Revenue Officer at Interactive One. “There will be more opportunity to create custom branded experiences authentically connecting brands with their consumer.  Brand Pages and traditional media opportunities are available as well. We look forward to working with our advertising partners on creative ways to connect with their target audiences.”

According the press release, BlackPlanet Next connects people with locally relevant information through their friends and other BlackPlanet Next users who share their interests. Each member can add his or her favorite places such as restaurants, clothing stores and live art venues to the site, post comments and tips about the location, and check in whenever they visit. BlackPlanet Next will suggest other places he or she might like based on the reviews and suggestions of the BlackPlanet Next community.

Seems like BlackPlanet Next is comibing our favorite social networking sites into one. For more information and a quick preview, check out the BETA version of the site here.

  • Jae

    did they delete my account from high school? that’s all i want to know. i think we’d all like to forget those days.