Same-Sex Marriage Legislation Proposed To Australia

It looks like America’s impact on legalizing same-sex marriage simultaneously in numerous states is now beginning to affect our international friends.

On Monday, two bills were proposed to Parliament in Australia that would hopefully lift the ban of same-sex marriage in that country. None of two bills are different. They each follow the simple standards. The bills are made to the lift the ban and giving same-sex couples the same footing as heterosexuals, while allowing religious ministers the freedom to refuse to solemnize any marriages that are inconsistent with their beliefs.

There hasn’t been a time set for the bill, but citizens in Australia are hoping real soon.

Although it’s an exciting time that these two bills are created, the citizens are already preparing for a fight that they are expecting to happen. A lawmaker from the Green party named Adam Bandt has expressed his disappointment in the Labor lawmakers, who refuses to co-op gay marriage.

“We know that as things stand, if either of these bills is put to a vote now, we know it will fail,” Bandt said.

However, he hopes that due to the legalizing of same-sex marriage in multiple U.S. states, the government in Australia would start expressing their support in the LGBT community.

Roque Caston is a writer, blogger, and journalist who resides in New York City. He’s a college student majoring in Writing & Literature. He created the humor blog “Roque’s Reality” from 2009-2014. His writings has been featured in various digital and print publications such as True Fashionista Now, The Future Forward, Gayosphere, Floss Magazine, Juan& and Swerv Magazine.