Trina Braxton’s Husband Caught Having Internet Sex With Transgendered Woman? (PHOTOS)

For the people who watch the reality show Braxton Family Values, it’s no secret about Gabe Solis, the estranged husband of Trina Braxton and his infidelities. Avid viewers know that he was getting it in online but we never knew to what extent. However,  it appears that one of Gabe’s lovers might actually be a transgendered woman.

According to, Solis has a secret online lover by the name of Julisa Abadshian. If you’re familiar with the blogs, you’ve seen this name before. This is the same woman that supposedly had online interactions with JoJo Simmons in the past.

By looking at the photos, it seems the two engaged in Internet foreplay. However, the pictures of their interactions were somehow leaked online. Trina has been aware of Gabe’s infidelities taking the form of cybersex in online chats and finding steamy messages from many other women. It’s not clear how these pictures were leaked but there is a rumor that these photos may have been doctored to imply a tryst, since Gabe and Julisa aren’t in the same place together and there isn’t any video of their liaison.


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