Listen Men: Would You Try Spanx?

There is nothing attractive about a beer belly or gut (no matter how you spin it). Instead of sucking in your gut all day, why not rely on your undergarments to give you that extra support. Well lucky for you, now there’s a new underwear category called men’s shapewear. Go with us…

The Spanx creator said men have begged her to create an undergarment specifically for them. Of course, there are others on the market, but Sarah Blakely’s is the only one made of cotton. “It’s gonna look, act and feel like your regular undershirt, it’s just gonna make you look that much better,” she said.

Manx made by Spanx has quickly become a quick way to firm your chest and narrow your waist line. Instead of having all those bulky clothes underneath, Manx allows your clothes to fit better and not look so bunchy. Like for women, Manx come in different types such as undershirts or underwear. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to make an investment in this piece because these undergarments range from $55-$75.

Somehow the idea of this body part attraction translates over to men but in a more frontal approach. See, men are often glorified at first glance and respected by what lies between their legs. Yes, that part. However, maybe men have always secretly paid attention to our own stomachs. Hence the many exercises like ab work done in the gym or perhaps the many types of shirts outside of the conventional cotton.

Again, a beer bully or gut will never be eye-catching. Not sexy!

So gentlemen, what do you think? Will you try a pair of Spanx or is this a waste of money?

  • Arnold Fallen

    I personally would rather work out than wear Spanx. They seem hot and restricting. And that’s fine for a woman in a fitted gown but not for a man to wear under his clothing. Also, I would be wierded out if a man wouldn’t remove his shirt or something because he’s wearing a restrictive undergarment and even more so if he did remove his clothing and I saw he had one on! I’d rather see a lil gut!