ADTV Raw Creator, Derrick L. Briggs Talks Relaunch & More (EXCLUSIVE)

I finally got the chance to sit down with ADTV (Attention Deficit Television) creator and founder, Derrick L. Briggs this week and asked him a few questions about the show and what is to be expected in the future.  He and I had our laughs along with serious moments in trying to capture the essence of what ADTV is really all about.   With the launch of ADTV Raw, which premiered late January, it is only the beginning of what we hope to be a long career for Mr. Briggs and his company.

MUSED: What is ADTV & how did it come about?
Derrick L. Briggs: About four years ago, a fellow blogger friend of mine, Adam (which is originally where the A in ADTV comes from) thought it would be interesting to start a show where two average looking guys would talk about gay issues. These issues would range from tops, bottoms, relationships, etc.  As time went on, we launched our first broadcast via YouTube and from then on it skyrocketed and people started tuning in

Since your first videos, have you found it harder or easier to maintain, or should I say balance, life between ADTV and life of Derrick, the man?
I consider it to be a gift and a curse, mainly because it is hard to keep up all by myself.  At this point, I am trying to take ADTV to another level by getting it picked up by a network.  I am not necessarily attached to the idea of it being a television series but more of a strong internet presence.  It’s hard doing ADTV without the proper funding but I am learning how to brand ADTV and turn it into a business.  I have heard from fans as far as Japan to Jamaica and I think that I owe them that much to continue on.

Now you’ve mentioned that you would prefer a grounded internet base to pitch your show, but would you be interested in being picked up by a major network, such as LOGO or Bravo?
Definitely!  My dream network is Bravo.  I love LOGO but I don’t really watch it anymore.  A lot of the people I know haven’t really connected to LOGO since Noah’s Arc was cancelled.  I could even see myself on Oprah’s Network [OWN].  Whether it be [is] gay or straight, it could all be connected in some way or the other.  But I’ve always said that a good internet presence would be better for me because it [internet] allows you to be more creative and viral.  Since television stations are cutting programming left and right, the internet would be a better venue for me.

As a fan, I have been following your YouTube videos and remember hearing something about ADTV Raw premiering on January 25th.  What can the fans expect this season?  Any new cast members, is it the same concept?
Yes, I believe ADTV Raw is really going to hit the mark.  What fans can expect is a raw, real and gritty in your face conversation.  I am excited to say there are some new cast members as well as some familiar faces.  It’s not the same concept; however ADTV Raw takes you back to when I first started ADTV – back to the basics.  I’m going to step back out in front of the camera with my Oprah hat on and start back giving advice.

[we both laugh]

When can we expect the site,, to be up?
I’m expecting it to be released late March, if not sooner.  I am still trying to map out how I want the site to look and feel because again, a lot of people have a short attention span so I want it to be fresh.  I don’t want it to just be full of ADTV Raw episodes but feature other spin offs on the site as well.

You had a Singles Party not long ago.  How did that turn out?
My best friend and I, Michael, came up with the idea in November.  We were discussing how there weren’t a lot of good parties to go to and especially anywhere to meet any decent singles so we said “we should have a party for singles.”  So we found a great loft and thought it would be a great venture for ADTV to raise some money. I have to give special thanks to cast mate, Dustin Ross, who also helped us out tremendously with the planning.  The party was a huge success.  I would rather go to a house party or a party somewhere that is different, rather than a club.  I’m thinking of continuing this trend, not technically a singles party but having maybe a themed party every month to help generate funds for ADTV.

I see that you have a HUGE following.  Is there anything you would like to conclude to your fans?
It’s so cliché but it’s really to never give up and be very mindful of who is in your circle.  It really starts from within and it takes teamwork.  Never try to do everything by yourself.  I’m one of those people that when I started ADTV I was like I want to do this, I want to do that but I realized that it takes a village.  I’ve done ADTV with a job, without a job, depressed, overjoyed, and I can say that ADTV has been one of my best endeavors ever.  A lot of people thought I was going to give up on it but I want the people to know that I won’t give up and that the journey continues. 

For more information about Derrick L. Briggs, be sure to follow him on Twitter (@derrickbri). Please be sure to check out (@TeamADTV), their YouTube channel and blog.

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