He Got Next! 5 Black Male Bloggers To Follow

Because of the huge number of successful feamle bloggers and writers, the game for male bloggers is a muted voice. Since women are the major consumers of media/entertainment, what better way to support our brothers that are grinding on the e-streets and making their mark than feature and highlight their talents. In our series, He Got Next!, MUSED will showcase a collective of people we look forward to and admire. Check out our curated list of black male bloggers you need to add to your blogroll/RSS, Google Reader and follow their work online.

Michael Arceneaux of The Cynical Ones
If you ever thought you were witty, well meet your match. Michael’s muses and commentary are must-reads. His work has been featured on sites such as EBONY, The Root, Salon, The Grio and a host of other prominent outlets. After reading one of his blog posts or articles, you’ll quickly wonder was he being serious, seriously funny or both! Also, if you think you know how to jig, well he’s the best. Allegedly.

Kid Fury of Kid-Fury.com
Talk about someone who has an opinion about everything! We don’t think there’s a subject that Kid Fury hasn’t touched. Well-known for his hilarious viral YouTube videos or his Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Bad B!tches campaign, Kid Fury also tackles black entertainment news on his blog daily. This award-winning blogger’s work has been frequently featured on VIBE, where he offers his two-cents on entertainment news. Fury is able to transition from various multimedia platforms and transition well.

Shydel James of The Urbane Urbanite
Shydel is very aware of what’s going on cultural and socially, and has excellent reporting skills. With reoccurring bylines in UPTOWN, KING and VIBE, Shydel’s sophisticated urban lifestyle blog touches on topics you would enjoy reading when traveling and planning extravagant social events with friends. For those interested in enjoying life and the finer amenities, Shydel is your man. We forgot, he’s into Golden Girls, probably their long lost black nephew.

Kenny of Kenny Said It
Kenny is definitely one up-and-coming blogger who uses social media effectively. Even without visiting his blog, his Twitter stays full of commentary and daily musings about the entertainment industry. Being very quick and witty, Kenny dishes his commentary for OpenFly Mag in a blog called ‘Kenny Said It.’  His energetic spirit and blunt personality go hand-in-hand when delivering critiques on pop culture.

Jared Michael Lowe of Lowe Factor
Surprisingly, there aren’t many male bloggers when it comes to fashion  – especially black. However, Lowe capitalizes on this by being dynamic and fashion-centered. His work has been featured on Centric TV, Honey Magazine and The Blay Report, and he was recently featured as one Essence’s Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers – a well-deserved ranking. As one of the rising tastemakers, you haven’t read a fashion cut-line until you read his. He is definitely style you can factor!

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  • Roh Dunbar

    I will like to recommend another Black Male Blogger for a future list, Rohan Dunbar Aka Apollo Nazir. The blog is titled trulovexists.com