SMH: Soulja Boy Releases New Track, ‘Kim Kardashian’

Not that we are surprised by the quality of material, but Soulja Boy just released his new song “Kim Kardashian.”  Throughout the song the rapper continues to sing his praises to Kim Kardashian. We’re not sure if Kim Kardashian is a code word for something else, but he definitely drops this name over and over again. Celebrity theme songs seem to be the route to go these days, before it was creating club dances we can do in the club- looking foolish.

Soulja Boy dropped this freebie on Twitter earlier, so we’re re-gifiting it for you. Enjoy!

You might be angry at yourself for listening, we’re sorry.

  • Amber Stones and Golden Sparkles

    I can just feel them hot mess coming through the computer, so I wont even torture myself like that.

  • Keith Jones

    ….What just happened?