Watch This: Drama Queenz, Ep. 304 ‘I Know The Truth’

The hit web series Drama Queenz has returned with another episode. It’s been a long time since the new episode, but now we get to finally watch the new episode. I have seen this episode and all I can say is one thing.

All the secrets are finally coming out.

Jeremiah’s boyfriend Donovan discovers that he has been working as an escort in order to make extra money. His profile was found on an escort site. So Donovan set Jeremiah up in order to be in the same room with him, and see if it’s true.

Davis meets what appears to be an awesome guy right after a terrible date. Their connection began to grow deeper, which eventually led to them sleeping together. It may sound wonderful since Davis never had success finding a good man, but his choices are about to be put to the ultimate test in this episode.

Preston’s boyfriend Chris finally discovers that Preston is having an affair, and confronts the both of them at Preston’s apartment. After the confrontation, Preston finally realizes that he’s in love with him, and feels guilty about the whole. Now he’s trying to find a way to make amends and gets Chris back.

Drama Queenz has definitely gone to the next level when it comes to the storyline. It’s becoming dramatic all over the place while still keeping its comedy roots. I am absolutely addicted to this show and I want to applaud lead actors Dane Joseph, Troy Rucker, and Kristen-Alexzander Griffith for the performances they deliver in every episode.

I enjoyed this episode and I’m sure you guys will too.

Watch the episode below:

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