Why Was Trayvon Martin Killed? Family & Activists Seeking Justice For 17-year-old Victim

More and more media outlets have been reporting on the case of Trayvon Martin– or lack thereof. Somehow a black teenager was a possible threat for a grown man who had no choice but to gun the teen down…

According to Martin’s father and stepmother, the teen was visiting his family from Miami. Upon returning to their gated community he was confronted by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch leader, and ended up shot to death.

Police officials said Zimmerman turned himself in after the incident admitting to shooting Martin. However, Zimmerman has not been charged in the shooting Martin, 17, who was gunned down as he returned to his father’s house.

According to a police report, Zimmerman, who was patrolling the neighborhood in his car, had initially called police to report a suspicious person in the area. He was told to keep his distance, but before officers could reach the scene, there was some kind of confrontation between him and Martin.

Civil rights leaders, including members of the NAACP and the Rev. Al Sharpton, say they are also preparing to back the Martin family.  Rev Sharpton said to the Huffington Post: “This case is disturbing to say the least. This is appalling; to think that this guy admitted to initiating the conversation and that there was no crime other than the killing of this young man. Yet, (Zimmerman) is walking around with no threat of an arrest.”

Even local clergymen have met to discuss ways to protest and bring more light to this daunting issue.

The family has also started a petition with over 27,000 signatures pleading for Zimmerman to be prosecuted for the murder of their boy, who walked to the 7-Eleven to get Skittles for his little brother and never came back home. In the petition letter the family states, Martin was unarmed when he was shot by Zimmerman. All he had in his hands was some candy when he was followed and approached by Zimmerman – who ignored instructions from police not to confront the young man.

It is really hard to not make this case anything about race. Even on a simple level, someone taking the law in their hands to confront a teenager is a shame. Sometimes I feel we (black people) are afraid to make issues about race. Wrong is wrong, and race is just that race! I find it hard to believe that there is a free man walking around who admitted to killing someone. Zimmerman needs to be prosecuted and found guilty.

Is there enough evidence to jump to conclusions? Why was Trayvon Martin killed? Sound off!

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