4 Tips For Using Lube With Your Partner

If there are some things I hate about lube is the smell, always hard to find when you’re in need, seems to disappear no matter where you place it and even messes up your sheets or couch. Couples are always in search of ways to bring more heat into the bedroom, if not they should be. Finding different ways to please your partner is very important in creating a well balanced relationship.

Being inventive in the bedroom is always a turn-on for any guy. Have no fear! If you’re running out of ideas, I’m here to help. Check out 4 tips for using lube with your partner:

Damn Right Taste Better Than Yours

Oral sex can quickly become a taster’s delight. Besides using flavored condoms (which nobody likes), try using flavored based lube. Even if you’re not too concerned with putting it in your mouth, flavored based lube actually smells better than regular lube. Let’s be honest, lube is not the most tantalizing scent before or after mixed with bodily fluids. Flavored based lube is really good for foreplay. A little licking never hurts anyone.

I Be Stroking…

When it’s time to masturbate, we look for the quickest thing in reach. No matter if it’s lotion, salvia, baby oil, Vaseline or the infamous coco butter. If you’re going to use lube to penetrate, why not use it to jack off. This is where more can actually come in handy. If you’re looking to stroke longer with your partner, make it wetter. If not, then remember less is more. Choose your own destination but make sure to try out different warming lubes for personal stimulation to get your partner off.

 No Slip And Slide

Whenever you feel like things are getting a little dry during sex, replenish the lube. Always keep the lube handy right on the night stand or in arms reach. Be sure to not go overboard with the lube. Too much lube can cause it to be too wet where nobody feels anything. A little wetness goes a long way.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Be sure to pick the right lubricant for the right situation. There are many types of lubricants. Water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants are all suited for latex condoms. It is important to know that water-based lube contains glycerin, which can promote infections. So be sure to clean up afterwards. Silicone-based lubes are similar to water-based lubes, but are generally much greasier and last much longer. Even with a thinner texture, this lube allows you to have more and productive fun in the bath, shower or hot- tub.

 Are we missing anything? What are some tips you can share about lube? Share your experiences with us. 

  • TreMajesty Coleman

    I always laugh when I hear my gays complain about how much lube cost yet spend $30+ on a one wear tee shirt!I rather be cheap on what’s being seen on my back(clothing)and spend a cute coin for what’s going in my back(butt)!!! IJS LOL

    The more expensive Water/Sillicone based lubricant the better in my opinion.#GunOil 16.oz is the truth though and a great buy for $30 plus tax!