‘GLEE’ Introduces Its First Transgender Character, Unique

‘GLEE’ is no stranger when it comes to tackling tough issues reflecting the times we live in. The show has tackled mental illness, teenage pregnancy, poverty, racism and issues like dating.

The network TV show still manages to highlight issues in the LGBT community. Outside of the main gay character on the show Kurt, writers craftily find ways to add more color to the high-school friendly storyline.

In the episode ‘Saturday Night Glee-ver,’ viewers had the opportunity to meet Unique. Unique is a transgendered character who is coming to terms with her own identity.  Unique, who identifies as female, is part of a rival show choir to McKinley High’s. After becoming more comfortable, she wants to be introduced  as her trueself.  She wants to take the stage as Unique, though Kurt, the popular gay character portrayed by Chris Colfer, advises her against it.

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  • Jae

    it was GREAT!

  • Jei

    Was I the only 1 who thought he looked like he could be NeNe’s daughter, no? He did killed it though!!