GOP Donor Questions If Obama’s ‘Teleprompters Are Bullet-proof’

Seems like there is no stopping the GOP and their push back into the White House. With Rick Santorum recently announcing his suspension of his campaign, many supporters are rallying behind Mitt Romney. Romney is still the lead candidate for the GOP but hasn’t collected enough delegates. One of the wealthiest supporters of Santorum, Foster Friess,  has expressed interest in backing Romney with funding for his campaign.

“There are a lot of things that haven’t been hammered at because Rick and Mitt have been going at each other,” Friess said during an interview on Fox Business News. “Now that they have trained their barrels on President Obama, I hope his teleprompters are bullet-proof.”

However, after making the comment Friess expressed concerned and regretted saying the statement.

According to sources, this isn’t the first time gun imagery has been used in the presidential campaign. This year, when Santorum visited a shooting range in Louisiana, a woman screamed that he ought to pretend Obama was his target. Santorum didn’t hear the woman and said afterword that such a remark was “horrible.”

GOP donor wonders if Obama’s ‘teleprompters are bullet-proof’ via @LA Times

Foster Friess Pledges Support to Romney, Would Like Santorum to ‘Be in the Fray’
via ABC News