Make It Last Forever: 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Relationship

Every couple is bound to hear the intriguing question, “how long have you been together?” Instantly, they must run a subjective tally through their brain, looking past any minor breakups, beyond any insignificant spats, or even forgiving the most recent argument forces one to truthfully examine their relationship. Once you reply with whatever length of time you have spent together, you can be sure that initial question will be followed up with questions like: “are you happy?” “is this the one?” But often the most asked question is, “how do you make it work for so long?

After being in a relationship for a substantial amount of time, people often wonder how do you make a relationship last. Any couple – dating or married – will tell you that longevity does not come without its fair share of challenges. However, there are a few special components that any relationship could stand to use to help keep things exciting, healthy and adventurous.

Making Discoveries

Discover new things about your partner that you didn’t know. Find out the recreational passions of your partner. Take a genuine interest in some of the things that they have an interest in; even if it’s not particularly something you normally enjoy doing. If you both compromise and remain open to each other’s interests, you can gain a better understanding of each other. You would be surprised how partaking in something that brings your partner joy can bring you joy too.  Sooner or later you will find yourself subconsciously engaging and reflecting on your partners particular interests.

Exploring Together

Don’t be afraid to switch up your evening activities.  Try cooking as a couple.  Making your own dishes for your meal together will allow you to explore your own creativity in the kitchen (and save money). If cooking is not your style, then get out of the house and explore new venues. Instead of dining at the same old restaurants and lounges you frequently dine, find new ones you haven’t been to. Spend quality time indulging in different dishes at different places together. By exploring new places each week, you are not only getting the opportunity to enjoy being a tourist in your own city, but you also get to expand your palate.  Also, consider traveling to places the two of you have not yet been together. Sometimes a change of scenery can change your relationship.


Never underestimate the power of romance. A simple good morning kiss, phone call, text or email is a great way to start each day. A romantic morning gesture not only suggests that you are on his mind but establishes communication as you start your day. Designate a specific time each day and each week only for you two. Spending as much quality time is always a great element to remaining a successful couple. Remember the quality of time is more important than the quantity. Make the most of each day regardless of if you’re together or apart. Receiving any unexpected treat from your partner will always warm the heart and keep you loyal. Whether it’s a bubble bath, foot massage, getting your partner his favorite dessert or a passionate evening at a luxury hotel, an unexpected delight will enhance your night.

Sexual Healing

Sex in a relationship is an extremely important component. If you don’t have a strong sexual attraction to your partner, the making up process probably won’t be as exciting after your disagreements. If both of you are on the same page sexually, which is to fully please one another, you will have little worries. Most sex experts recommend switching it up and trying new things; I also believe “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” One has to be careful with sexual experimentation, because sex and love are all about chemistry. Just as you learned in science class about chemistry and the importance of knowing what you are introducing to two hosts, if you mix the wrong elements together, there can be a negative reaction and an alarming explosion. Communicate your sexual and romantic desires to one another. Most would agree the best sex is done with few inhibitions and mutual understanding.  Once you find a partner you really love and feel totally free around, sex becomes effortless and simply enjoyable. Let’s face it, if you have to work too hard at achieving good sex, chances are you are not compatible, and won’t last as long as you would like.

Self Identity

Lastly, maintain your own sense of identity. Just as it’s important to spend quality time together, it’s also important to spend quality time apart. Make sure you are keeping an even balance of time with your partner as well as your friends. It is healthy to want time away from your partner, so set up activities with friends to allow yourself an occasional break. Make sure you are nurturing the same interests you had before you got involved in a relationship. Never neglect your own personal hobbies, because they are still your interests that cultivate you and feed your soul, ultimately contributing to your relationship.

Hopefully a few of these tips will allow you the chance to enjoy a long and lasting relationship. Remember love is the main ingredient that will ultimately get you both through the good and bad days. If you have open communication, respect and trust, adding any other loving nuances to your existing connection will only strengthen your relationship.

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