Must Read: ‘Paris, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’ By Rosecrans Baldwin

You’ve all heard the stories about Paris. You’ve heard about the food you’ll eat, the history of Paris, dating, passionate sex, the etiquette living of the French, and the beauty of Paris. The stories never escape us. It just fuels your intention on going there at least once in your life.

But what if you are on the inside looking out? Would’ve you actually worked there? What’s it like?

Rosecrans Baldwin answers that question in his new memoir Paris, I Love You But You’re Bring Me Down.

Baldwin always dreamed of living in Paris, drinking le café, eating les croissants, walking in les jardins, so when an opportunity presented itself to work for an advertising agency in Paris, he couldn’t turn it down. But there are some obstacles in his way. He had no experience in advertising and barely spoke French. After an unimaginable amount of red tape and bureaucracy, Rosecrans and his wife packed up their Brooklyn apartment and left the Big Apple for the City of Light. But when they arrived, things were not exactly what Rosecrans remembered from a family vacation when he was nine years old. It’s a completely different Paris.

This is an amazing story of an American who came loving Paris all out of proportion, but finds life there to be completely unlike what he expected. It would be eighteen months he would never forget.

I read a sample chapter on GQ magazine and that’s all it took for me to be interested in this book. I loved the way Rosecrans told his story. He was so unique, so original. I couldn’t stop reading the sample chapter. This is truly going to be a brilliant memoir and I recommend it to everyone who wants to take an inside look on Paris. You will love it.

The book comes out April 24. It’s currently available for preorder online.

Rosecrans Baldwin’s first novel, You Lost Me There, was named one of NPR’s Best Books of 2010, a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice, and a Time and Entertainment Weekly Best Book of Summer 2010. He is a cofounder of the online magazine The Morning News.

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