MUST READS! Beyoncé Starts A Tumblr + Birth Control For Men…

Like Her Little Sis, Beyoncé Starts A Tumblr: Beyoncé has been a stranger to social media (or even having a defining personality). Even with over 3.5 million followers, Queen Bey has yet to tweet anything. Now with a new Tumblr, maybe we can see more of her behind scenes? @Clutch Magazine 

Male Birth Control for Men Becoming Viable Option: Perhaps soon, men will be able to take birth control. A new birth control is already being tested on men in India, and has proven to be 100 percent effective. @Frugivore Magazine

Chicken And Checks: MJB and her management team definitely needs to sit down and have a serious conversation. What’s in the chicken wraps?  We gotta do better… @The Cynical Ones

Top 10 Instagram Rules For New Users: With the new Instagram craze (thanks to Android users), there are some things everyone should know. Instagram can be fun at times but quickly abused because it’s not as advanced as Twitter or Facebook. Check out the rules about what to do! @Single Black Male

Think Like A Man Atlanta Preview (PHOTOS): Wouldn’t be a black romantic comedy if it didn’t premiere in Atlanta (Black Hollywood). Check out the photos from the event where actors from the movie and ‘Atliens’ came out to support the and show off their fancy attire. @FreddyO

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