MUST READS! Kanye Says Kim Kardashian Is His Beyoncé + Nene Leakes Lied About Divorce…

Kanye Says Kim Kardashian Is His Beyoncé?: I guess Mr. West is going to keep trying to make this relationship believable. After making a song spilling all the info, now Kanye West is comparing his relationship to that of the Carters. @Miss Jia 

Nene Leakes Divorce Is Indeed Complete: People are saying that Nene’s divorce has been final before this season. Perhaps she was going for a better story line but we’re sure more will come out at the reunion. @Hostal Malure

To Protect And Serve Whom?: There’s no secret there has been a lot of police brutality and hate crimes in the media. No matter how we try to paint the picture or ponder, who really has our backs? @For Harriet

Mark Cuban Speaks out On Firing Lamar Odom: Appears it was a lack of commitment, but we’re sure we will see this play out on either ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ or ‘Khloe & Lamar’ @Eben Gregory

Kinda Sorta But Not Really Movie Review: ‘Think Like A Man’: Everyone is gearing up to catch the movie next weekend. Check out as Panama from VSB gives his take on the movie- giving it 5 out 5 aphropicks! @Very Smart Brothas

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