Sex Worker Advocates Wants Condoms Banned As Evidence In Prostitution Cases

It appears there might be a snag for prostitution cases in the state of New York.

Advocates for sex workers in The Big Apple wants New York to become the first state to ban police officers from confiscating condoms as evidence in prostitution cases, saying it has a chilling effect on disease protection. This was reported on Tuesday in fear of police harassment and arrests, which prompted some of the prostitutes to carry a few condoms or none at all.

“We did find, which is a good thing, that sex workers generally carry condoms and use condoms,” said Sienna Baskin, an attorney with the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center in Manhattan

However, prostitutes do claim that police officers confiscate their condoms, which is believed to be some kind of harassment as well, Baskin said. In surveys, several sex workers said city police took their condoms without making a single arrest.

They do disclose that they are not endorsing prostitution.

“We are not endorsing prostitution,” said State Sen. Velmanette Montgomery, a Brooklyn Democrat and sponsor of the bill to ban condom evidence, and has vocally told people to jump on this idea. “It is simply related to the fact that over 100,000 people right now are infected with HIV and AIDS in New York City.”

The idea has been put into consideration. Further details haven’t been announced yet.

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