Should Journalists Be Allowed To Say N*gga?

During a time where racial tensions are quickly brewing and more cases are being prompted by malice undertones, a recent debate and push for journalists saying the “n-word” has supporters coming forward. There has never been a good time to use the ‘n-word’ as a glorified glamorous term. We all know the connotation of the word and how it has been used against blacks for decades.

Support has come from The View’s co-host Whoopi Goldberg and  CNN anchor Don Lemon, arguing in favor of the racial slur being used on air. Goldberg claims, “But I feel very strongly about the word. Do not eliminate it. It’s part of our history. Every time people try to sort of make it sound better or more acceptable, let’s call it what it is.” She also talks about how she becomes offended when she’s beeped when trying to use the word.

Lemon said, “I hate saying ‘the n-word.’ I think it takes the value out of what that word really means. Especially when we’re reporting it. And I don’t care what color the reporter is. I think someone should say, that person called someone ‘nigger,’ instead of saying ‘the n-word,’ because I think it sanitizes it.” Lemon added that he hates the use of the word in music and when it’s used for misogynistic purposes. “What I’m saying is in the reporting of a story, you should say the word.”

This latest controversy over the racial slur stems from correspondent Susan Candiotti, who said the word during a live report on the Good Friday shootings in Tulsa Oklahoma. Now every one is adding his or her two-cents.

So what do you think, should journalists be allowed to say the n-word?

  • C. Jay Conrod

    I agree with Whoopi and Don Lemon. I hate when the news censors it, when we know that practically EVERYONE has said it behind closed doors. I couldn’t be offended by someone reporting facts. We try to bury racism, but that won’t end it. Only facing it will.