Smash Or Pass: Chicago Bulls Star Derrick Rose Slams Dunk GQ Cover

Derrick Rose, the reigning NBA MVP, takes the cover of GQ. Rose is featured in the May 2012 issue which is scheduled to hit stands soon. The magazine profile details Rose’s relationship with President Obama, comparison to NBA legend Michael Jordan and adjusting to fame.

Rose on a rare day off:

“This is gonna be the best day. Some friends may come over. I might get on the phone. That’s it. It makes me super happy to have this whole day to myself, to be a little selfish, to eat whatever I want, to not have anyone asking me to do things. When you get a chance to have a day like today, you have to take advantage of it.”

On being a superstar:

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t take anything for granted. But it seems like the better I play, the more attention I get. And I can’t get away from it. You play great, you get attention. But I hate attention. It is weird. I’m in a bind. The more you win, the more they come.”

His relationship with the president:

“I know that if I really wanted him to come out and support an event I’m going to in Chicago. I know it could probably get done.”

Being a celebrity in Chicago:

“Sometimes it’s too much. Chicago … Chicago isn’t used to stardom. Back when Michael was here, everyone was used to actors and singers and people being at the games. But there’s been a drought since then, and even celebrities, they’ll stop here to film a movie and then pop right back out. They don’t know how to act toward celebrity. So I always have someone with me. I can have a hat on, glasses on, whatever. People still notice me. If I go outside without a hat on, I feel like I’m naked. This life doesn’t fit my personality.”

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