Azealia Banks vs. Lil’ Kim: When Admiration Goes Wrong

Over the weekend, Harlem newbie rapper and singer Azealia Banks took to Twitter to air out the Queen Bee, Lil Kim. No stranger to Twitter beef, the 20-year-old accused Lil Kim’s management of sending her an offensive email in regard to a verse Banks allegedly wrote for Lil Kim for a song she wanted the veteran rapper to be on. The Interscope signee tweeted, “Okay so true tea is that Lil Kim got mad that I wrote a verse for her on a record I wanted her on. Everyone knows Lil Kim doesn’t write her own raps and I saw this as a faster more efficient way of getting the track done.” She continued on a rant, saying she doesn’t care what Lil Kim used to do, she just wants to know if she’ll still do that track. Following a boatload of disrespectful tweets, the “212” singer began adding Lil Kim’s Twitter handle to her tweets, saying that Kim keeps “closing her own doors.” As if the irresponsible and reckless tweets weren’t enough, Banks ended her rant with a threat to sue Lil Kim if she heard her lyrics used on any of Kim’s records.


In response, Kim’s team released a statement accusing the new artist of manufacturing a phony beef for publicity. It doesn’t sound too farfetched; in the midst of her rants, Banks tweeted, “Another week, another Twitter feud. I’m deleting it now.” Yet Lil Kim never responded to her on Twitter. The only thing that Lil Kim tweeted that day was a Ciroc cocktail recipe. According to Lil Kim’s publicist CJ Carter, Banks and Lil Kim have never even spoken before.  Personally, I’m extremely happy that Lil Kim did not fall into the trap and respond to Banks. She did the right thing by letting her management issue a statement. If Banks really did receive an offensive email from Kim’s team, she should have responded via email.

Speaking of team, where is Azealia Banks’? Someone should have informed her how disrespectful (and unprofessional) it is to attempt to air out a veteran on Twitter, especially if she’s supposedly your idol and you want her to collaborate with you.

A few weeks ago, Banks tweeted she was working on a track with Missy Elliott. With her newfound fame and a possible collaboration with another hip-hop icon, perhaps the young’un is feeling herself. But if she had any common sense and poise, the 1991-born artist would humble herself and try to learn something from her elders.

Are you feeling Azealia Banks? Do you think she took it too far? Share your thoughts!