Campaign Urges Young Black & Latino Gay Men To ‘Kiss & Tell’ (PHOTOS)

Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) launched a new citywide HIV prevention campaign, “Kiss & Tell,” Tuesday. The project is expected to launch in New York featuring photos in phone kiosks and billboards throughout the city to coincide with LGBT Pride Month. The campaign was developed in partnership with adolescents, between the ages of 13 and 19.

With the continuing rise of HIV and AIDS, “Kiss & Tell” will encourage young African American and Latino gay and bisexual men to have open and loving discussions (tell) with partners (the people they kiss) about their sexual history and HIV status.

“The ‘Kiss & Tell’ campaign underscores the message that the lives of young African American and Latino gay men are valued and not dispensable,” said Marjorie Hill, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of GMHC. “In GMHC’s 30th year, we remain committed to ending health disparities for youth and highlighting what is possible for young gay couples as they express trust, respect and commitment for one another.”

“Kiss & Tell” utilizes young gay men, empowering them to be spokesmodels for youth and the communities they live in. Of course a campaign is only as strong as it’s supporters and celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz generously donated his services and took the photos. Also joining Ruiz were Merrell Hollis, make-up artist and groomer, and Memsor Kamarake, fashion director and stylist who donated their time to style the spokesmodels during the film shoot.

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  • It’s Cost Me A Lot, But There’s One Thing That I’ve Got…

    I love the hair on the second couple!

    I think if the campaign really wants to take off, they should have supporters send in their own photos showing togetherness like the ones above and a little blurb about themselves and how they have kiss and told.

    I also hope with mused mag’s help, it will reach a lot more people.

  • Jei

    Since this campaign has celebrity endorsers, this could be very effective. As with the “I Love My Boo” campaign, it had the ability to be effective considering they had a pseudo celeb, but a campaign is only as strong as it’s backing names and faces.

    For this campaign to REALLY be advantageous to the young black and latino demographic, it has to be advertised properly. If the message of the campaign or the Ad is not being seen or spoken every day it won’t go as far as it should/could.

  • Chris B.

    Thanks for putting the message out about this campaign!!! Which is very well executed I might add…