Did The BeyHive Cause dream hampton To Delete Her Twitter?

It’s a cruel, cruel world out there in them Twitter streets. Last night writer, activist and hip-hop journalist dream hampton decided to delete her Twitter. Of course this comes as a surprise for all of the many people who look up to dream hampton for being a woman who can dish her two-cents and take a few critiques.

After posting a picture of her daughter backstage with Beyoncé at REVEL, the BeyHive decided to make comments about her daughter. Allegedly, her daughter was called all kinds of spiteful names. You would think the brigade would have done a little homework first before attacking. hampton is the co-author of Jay Z’s New York Times bestselling book, Decoded, and also co-authored the unreleased Black Book with him (and no telling what other things she has ghost-written for the Knowles-Carters).

This is a classic case where stans go too far without doing some fact checking. It is a  shame classic and talented acts like Beyoncé have no reflection to their stans. Grow up people!

Do you think the stans went too far? Sound off!

  • STFU

    Why didn’t you post what Dream said to them FIRST? “How the fuk did you find that picture of my daughter??” was rude and she could have simply asked them to take it down nicely not to mention she posted it on her FACEBOOK, a PUBLIC social netwok. besides, NO ONE was saying anything mean about her daughter until Dream cursed them out. Get your facts straight before you write a blog about something you know NOTHIG about.

  • BeyHive Affliated-CG

    First off, she said something first. And second, DON’T you dare go tryna say we start shit w/o knowing the facts, because we always know. She shouldn’t have been rude about it. Just like thats her daughter, thats was someone else’s daughter she cursed out. She needs to GROW UP. And you too, w/ this wack ass blog.

    • http://revolutionarypaideia.com Antonio Maurice Daniels

      Specifically, what’s “wack” about this site? Could your attack on this site simply be the result of your inability to successfully engage in an argument or discourse without resorting to personal attacks/the straw man fallacy?

  • http://titties.com LEKing

    Dream came for the Hive first. Most pictures of her daughter were cropped, and others were uploaded to Tumblr with no intentions of being disrespectful. Once she began to curse out fans who RT’d the picture, and had the picture of her daughter cropped out, THAT’S when the BeyHive stung. We like Dream, but she just should have asked for it to be removed politer.

  • http://titties.com LEKing

    And the REAL tea is their was only TWO members of the Hive dragging ha. @BeyoncePromo and @iRoyalPeaches, TBH.

  • BumbleBey

    Like the other BeyHive members said, dream hampton rudely tweeted a Beyonce stan,”How the fuk did you find that picture of my daughter?? Take it down pls.” That made no sense being that dream hampton posted it on her Facebook account. I feel like this new post is really biased simply because you failed to mention what dream hampton said first.

    You have also made a generalization about the BeyHive. Not all of Beyonce’s fans/stans are hateful, and Beyonce’s class and inner beauty does reflect on a lot of them.

    Aside, from this I don’t agree with some members of the BeyHive, retaliating by saying mean things about dream hampton’s daughter.

  • Shon

    Anyone here who is defending the people who ridiculed a CHILD is stupid as fuck. No matter what the child’s mother said, that doesn’t give them license to attack the child. Stans are the worst. Seriously. I don’t care who they stan for, simply being a stan is a terrible and disgraceful thing.

  • http://titties.com TrueTea. Yas.

    UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. THERE WAS ONLY ONE PERSON WHO CALLED HA UGLY. The other person really didn’t say anything. It was around 3AM so no one was fully awake to go in on HA.

  • Brent

    Regardless her stans are very stupid and immature. You can see that from the remarks. Dream Hampton still deleted her Twitter and I’m sure they inspired somehow. Her dumb fans make it hard to love the King.

  • Charlie_cat16

    You need to get all of the facts before posting a ” blog” !

  • Custom Made

    What’s funny is the people who were calling her daughter ugly are hiding behind pictures of Beyonce. That’s the real Kiii. Im sure Veyonce is disappointed I wonder how somone as sweet and kind as bey ended up with such a vile and disgusting fan base. Not all of them are bad but most are.

  • ok

    D fact dat u just generalized d whole stans is stupid a stan said something mean to her nd u’r acting like all bey fans dragged her pls stfu nd write d truth dream was rude too

  • http://www.twitter.com/beyoncebeyhive @BeyonceBeyHive

    Beyonce knows you called that girl “ugly” and so on… Deal with it, defending yourself make you looks stupid… Guilty, end of story. #Disgrace. Grow Up. Bey knows how disrespectful you are that’s why she decided to upload that photo of the girl. guilty conscience haunting you.

  • http://www.twitter.com/beyoncebeyhive @BeyonceBeyHive

    Here is the tweet: RT @iRoyalPeaches: Bitch next time don’t take your ugly ass daughter anywhere, if you don’t want her furry ass face in a pic. @DreamHampton

  • http://www.twitter.com/beyoncebeyhive @BeyonceBeyHive

    Because of a few, the whole BeyHive must suffer, well I won’t cuz I’m innocent, but felt to expose some ppl I hope they do another article and defend the other Beys. Please… Thanks.

  • Observant

    This is so sad its laughable. Its one thing to defend a stance, but rude, crass and classless rebuttals get no one anywhere, whether this article was perceived to be biased or not. I went to see Beysus on Saturday and she had to tell the folks in the Beyhive to “be respectful” and “don’t fight” because she was giving her towel to one specific guy in the crowd. Reading some of these comments? A point’s been made that everyone knows, and be clear, I live for Bey just as much as any other super fan, but tact is lacking in the Beyhive.

  • Amber Rose

    It’s really sad that when having an discussion/argument with someone, the first thing people use are children or someone’s looks. It’s illogical. The republicans use the same tacit to discredit Obama, and it’s ridiculous. How angry do we get when Obama’s talking about the economy or health care and the Tea Party brings up his birth certificate or Michelle’s “angry black woman” persona? It’s childish and shows the other side has no valid argument. dream hampton is an excellent writer, mother, potential rape survivor and all these people want to do is talk about her daughter, who, in my opinion is beautiful and by dream’s tweets, on her way to becoming an intelligent young woman, something certain members of the hive are lacking. It’s in the same vein of doing wrong is God’s name, you’re turing people off to God and Christianity because your actions and how people see you. Let the light of Beyonce shine.

  • GirlMelanie

    Of course Dream had to ask how it was gotten, because some people make it a point to only add ppl on FB they know. And it was totally callous to steal a pic that she wasn’t even in, use on a Tumblr without asking. It’s clear as DAY Dream doesn’t refer to her daughter by name, let alone post current pics of her. Her daughter IS a minor, respect the privacy. She asked it be taken down. The rebuttal was totally classless and uncalled for. PERIOD. Apologize and move on.

    kudos to Shon, BeyonceBeyhive and Observant.

  • http://revolutionarypaideia.com Antonio Maurice Daniels

    People’s children should be off-limits in this context. What was done to dream hampton is a clear sign of immaturity. Thanks for offering this piece in support of dream hampton.

  • B0SS

    Of course they went too far, and the Hive let them know it.

    Maybe you should do a little bit of research yourself before calling 5 (FIVE) people The Beyhive. We can and will be ruthless if Beyonce is attacked but we don’t just go in on people uncalled for, especially minors.

    The generalization here is killing me slowly.

  • hmmmm

    Hmmm and yes… she the generalization you also need to do your research before you start attacking. Your story is incorrect to the teeth. She saw the pic and said”how the fuk you get a pic of my daughter take it down please” now if someone ask me to do something in that manner I am cussing them out.. She should have been more sincere when she asked she is not better than nobody because she is Z list celeb.

  • hmmmm

    Yes those 5 people went a bit too far but if she had been respectful in the first that would not have happen running to the queen and complaining. Then even getting her twitter Z list celeb to tell their followers to report the culprit’s twitter as spam. They call blue ivy ugly everyday and you do not see Beyonce or jay z creating chaos or mayhem over it. It is her daughter’s fault in the first to post that pic on facebook,,, 12 year olds should not be on social networks point blank