Love To Love You Baby: Video Tribute Of Donna Summer’s Best Live Performances

When it comes to a good disco song, bright sequin and oversized teased hair, you have to think of Donna Summer. Even though she has passed, her memory and legacy will continue to beat within our hearts.

Sad to report that the legendary disco singer died Thursday after a battle with cancer, sources close to the singer confirmed to Summer, 63, was a 5 time Grammy winner whose hits dominated the charts in the 1970s. Her songs like “Last Dance,” “Bad Girls” and “Hot Stuff” were among the decade’s most successful. Her catalogue of radio spins and top charted songs are endless.

We’ve decided to share some of our favorite live performances of the late Queen of Disco-

Last Dance

Dim All The Lights

Mac Authur Park

Bad Girls

Love To Love You Baby

Rest In POWER!

What are some of your favorite Donna Summer songs? Sound off!

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  • Brent

    She was amazing!