Make Dem Guy Dem Know!: Beenie Man Apologizes To The LGBT Community


In a RANDOM twist of events, reggae artist Beenie Man has ‘come out’ to the masses with an apology directed toward the LGBT community for his track record of unfiltered maliciously anti-gay lyrics.

During a recent short video posted to the Internet, Mr. Man admits to his past ways of discrimination against the community and appears to have had some sort of epiphany 38 years into his life:

I respect each and every human being, regardless of which race or creed, regardless of which religious belief you believe in, and regardless of which sexual preference you are, including gays and lesbian people.

Beenie Man is a native of Kingston, Jamaica, a place known for its extremely condemnatory views of homosexuality. For this reason, the conception of his perceived hatred against those who participate in homosexual activities was somewhat understood. Now, years…and years…and years later, his new outlook on the subject will without a doubt leave some of his die-hard fans confused or even upset. Anticipating such criticism, Beenie Man asks:

Do not fight against me for some song that I sung 20 years ago. There is no one in this world is the same as they were 20 years ago – I know I am not.

Either Jay-Z and Will Smith have set a trend or common sense is just becoming more common.

Some say it’s better late than never. What do you say?

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