Meet Your New Gay ‘Reality TV’ Role Models


Probably one of the least-hardworking drag queens in the business, RuPaul commands every platform he touches. With a personal glow (given by personal lights or mother nature), RuPaul has crossed over to many audiences outside of the gay community. He has become a household name and ambassador for shamelessly plugging his own countless projects: shows, books, songs, editorial photos, movies and more. RuPaul loves RuPaul! Don’t be jealous of his boogie.

Dwight Eubanks

Probably one of the grandest to ever hit the television screen since Wendy Williams, Dwight Eubanks gives everyone hope that even with a nose in the shape of a penis, you can still be confident and dignified. Even before his appearance on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Dwight was well known around Atlanta for his successful business ventures. He has an eye for all things over the top and knows how to plan an event that will keep people talking. How dreadful!

Anthony Williams

Anthony is your typical go-to gal for all your church and cotillion wear. He spills church tea while fitting you for your men’s day suit. Anthony straddles the line between living out loud and living for the Lord, though the typical church shuns his lifestyle. However, he continues to make strides by landing roles with Project Runway and even styling for the set of VH1’s Single Ladies. Lift him up…

Who else would you add to the list?