MUST READS! Donna Summer ‘Accidental Gay Icon’ + Open Letter To Tami Roman…

RIP Donna Summer – The Accidental Gay Icon: With the passing of the late Donna Summer, the writer talks about her journey and support from the gay community. Seems like Summer helped developed a formula that many artists use today- garner much gay support as possible. @The Guardian

Dear Tami Roman… A Letter From Me To You: As attacks continue against Tami Roman and Basketball Wives for their crappy depiction of black women on television and constant petty arguments, check out this open letter- “While I saw it as mere horseplay you turned it into a 3 ring circus…” 

NAACP, Oldest US Civil Rights Group, Announces Gay Marriage Support: Recently, the organization released an announcement on their stance about same-sex marriage. With more polls and interviews being done, seems like people are coming around to support Obama’s decision to come ‘out’.  @The New Civil Rights Movement

Raven Symone Sounds Off Amid Reports Of Lesbian Romance With ANTM AzMarie: Raven Symone has found herself in the media but this time about her sexuality. Rumors have started to circulate about her new love interest Azmarie. @Miss Jia

Terrance & Rocsi Are Finally Leaving 106 & Park: The new school generation of hosts from 106 & Park have decided to part ways with BET. Both have major side gigs, so this shouldn’t be a huge surprise. They’ll still be around, if you’re going to miss them…  @KidFury