Newsweek Dubs Obama, ‘The First Gay President’ (PHOTO)

With one of the most historical moments in American history, President Obama recently declared his stance on same-sex marriage. It’s no surprise news organizations are releasing stories creating a magazine/media frenzy. The president is shown with a rainbow halo around his head — a multicolored symbol meant to underscore his beatification by the gay-rights movement – on the cover of Newsweek. The outlet dubs him as the “The First Gay President.”

According to the LA Times, the cover arrives on newsstands and supermarket checkout stands today, less than a week after Obama announced his support for same-sex marriages. In an interview with Robin Robins on ABC, Obama discussed how an evolution in his thought processes — including the fact that his young daughters have several schoolmates with same-sex parents — brought him to this new position.

The Newsweek cover story is written by writer Andrew Sullivan. In the article, Sullivan delves into this “evolution” and compares Obama’s experience as a biracial American to the gay experience in America.

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