ASAP: Please Stop #Trayvoning Trend (PHOTOS)

Probably one of the most disrespectful, insulting, repulsive, and just plain racist thing I have seen in a while has hit the Internet. When I first saw a photo of someone stretched across the floor with Skittles and Arizona can in hand, I thought this couldn’t be real life. After a few minutes of browsing, I knew this sick craze of ‘Trayvoning’ was about to begin.

With the advent of technology, dance flash mobs, planking and now ‘Trayvoning’ receive much vigor from social media web sites. Social networking sites like Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook have become important with content sharing. Because of the easy accessibility, immediacy and reach, trends can penetrate the interest earning its way into popular culture.  For those who are not still believers in the power of social media, hopefully something as small as this trend triggers optimism.

If you see anything like this, please report the page or Twitter handle as spam. Let’s not encourage foolishness.  Why this has become a trend, I have no idea but I don’t enjoy seeing the photos. It’s kind of sickening, to be honest. There has never been- and never will be- anything funny about ‘Trayvoning.’ If you must see more, check out:!/search/trayvoning

Are we really surprised at this trend? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts.