Saving A Good Girl Gone Bad: Rihanna’s Mom Prepares To Move-In

In the recent weeks, the rumor mills have been inundated with stories that would lead one to believe that Rihanna’s wild girl image is nothing more than an example of art imitating life.

Last week, Rihanna was hospitalized following her appearance at this year’s Met Gala as a result of what some reports are saying was “exhaustion and dehydration,” while others claim it was for ‘the flu.’ This is the second case known to the media of Rihanna being hospitalized in the past several months due to ill-health. In October, she was forced to cancel tour dates while in Sweden as a result of ‘the flu.’

The emergency hospital visits along with the stress around what seemed to be subliminal disses toward Rihanna by Drake and Chris Brown has the Rihanna Navy worried that the pop princess is allegedly relying on alcohol and substance abuse to cope, causing her to slowly spiral out of control. The behavior is so detrimental that it has garnered Rihanna’s mother Monica’s attention, prompting her to consider moving in to supervise the former good girl.

Rihanna’s brother Rorrey blames Roc Nation for Rihanna’s tiring lifestyle, telling the Daily Star newspaper:

“I could see this coming. Her management have been working her 13-hour day’s. She’s been exhausted for months.”

Roc Nation is probably the least responsible for Rihanna’s recent condition, but it probably wouldn’t hurt if she just took a 6-month breather and got her life together, mentally. Though she seems to have the world at her feet, being on top of the world doesn’t mean everything is ok.

Do you think Mama Fenty can save the day?


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