Smash Or Pass: Shemar Moore Shirtless On The Beach… Again

Summer is vastly approaching… The Criminal Minds actor played up to the cameras on the beach this weekend. Shemar Moore had to strike a few flexes for the camera. Moore splashed around in the sea topless and stripped off his jeans to reveal long red shorts.

Smash or pass?

  • Reggie West

    I mean… he aight. I just have a liking for darker toned men. Now where’s Tyson Beckford? I know he’s at somebody’s beach!

    • Brent

      I agree Reggie. Where are the dark sexy men?

  • It’s Cost Me A Lot, But There’s One Thing That I’ve Got…

    he looks just like my daddy. so no thank you. same build and everything. dating him would feel like incest.

  • RaptureJohnson

    I did not know he had a tramp stamp.

  • rick

    I just never cared for Shemar Moore, so he a Pass in my book

  • Irie

    Smash smash smash. Now that those teeth are fixed extreme hottie. Though my crush on Tyson is just as strong. I would go against my principles and have a carribean light dark threesome. Hmmmm

  • DM

    I would lick every inch of Shemar Moore, in front of of my husband, with a smile and cream on my mind, just sayin….