Smile For Me Daddy: Big Sean ‘Grilled Up’ – Are We Still Here For Grills?

Back in the day- and by ‘the day’ we mean when Cash Money, No Limit, Swisha House and St. Lunatics dominated the radio-  everyone used to rock a grill. Depending on what side of the country you lived on, this piece was timeless and a must-have.

Big Sean recently took to Instagram and Twitter posting photos of his new mouthpiece.  Thanks to Houston rapper and grill maker Paul Wall, the Detroit rapper rocked his sparkly new accessory featuring a row of white and gold diamonds. He tweeted along with his photos, “Hey mom, no cavities.”

Hip hop culture made custom grills popular and what they once were. We remember seeing people rocking different types of grills- even women.  People sported grills engraved with his or her name and/or accented with diamonds. For many years, it had to be a lucrative business. We’re sure this look is very outdated and won’t make a return due to the Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay rapper.  Until then we can just revisit the past with Big Sean and reminisce.

What do you think of his new grill? Did you used to rock one? But… are we still here for grills?

  • Jaron

    Was I the only one you didn’t know that Paul Wall was a “grill technician?” #learnsomethingneweveryday

  • Brent

    He’s still sexy! He can rock no teeth for me and I will be happy.

  • Mush

    hahah I would still wear a grill…and LOL at the grill technician comment