Amar’e Stoudemire Apologies For Gay Slur Tweet, Is That Enough?

In another episode of ‘Think Before You Tweet’…

NBA All-Star and fashionista Amar’e Stoudemire sent out a homophobic direct message on Twitter to Knicks superfan Brian Ferrelli. The message came after the fan tweeted that he’d “better come back a lot stronger and quicker to make up for this past season.” Even though this was a private message, Ferrelli didn’t let the tweet sit in his inbox long.

Instead of keeping the conversation only between the two, Ferrelli decided to retweet for the public to see. He took a screen shot of  Stoudemire’s direct message which stated: “F— you! I don’t have to do any thing f–.”

Once Ferrelli’s tweet of Stoudemire’s derogatory comment became a trending topic on Twitter, Stoudemire decided to send a follow up reply stating: “I apologize for what I said earlier. I just got off a plane and had time to think about it. Sorry bro!! No Excuses. Won’t happen again.” Of course Ferrelli posted it for everyone again.

If he isn’t careful, he can find himself in the shoes of Kobe Bryant. Back in 2011, NBA Commissioner David Stern fined the Los Angeles Lakers star $100,000 for using the same homophobic word against a referee during a game. In true fashion, Bryant apologized but said the comment should not have been “taken literally.” Stern called his remark “offensive and inexcusable.”

The Loop reports: At Sunday’s 43rd Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride March in Manhattan, participants expressed disappointment in Stoudemire.

“It’s known that the F-word is very offensive,” said former “Star Trek” actor George Takei. “It’s the same as using the N-word or K-word to describe someone Jewish. He should be censured severely.”

“I’m glad he realizes what he did,” Takei said. “He made a public fool of himself.”

I’m sure this isn’t the first or last episode because a few months prior CNN Roland Martin was suspended in the wake of the pundit’s controversial Super Bowl tweets. When will people learn?

Do you think celebrities would ever learn before they tweet derogatory comments? Share your thoughts below.

  • C. Jay Conrod

    I’m probably gonna catch hell for this, but IT WASN’T A PUBLIC COMMENT. If we’re all honest, we’ve all said offensive things in private at some point. The only difference is someone was able to expose his to the public. I feel like the only person that Stoudemire needs to address and apologize to is Brian Ferrelli. Likewise, Brian Ferrelli might want to consider his actions.

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