Could You Date Yourself?

I like myself a lot. Actually, I LOVE myself! I’m fun, cute, smart and I can cook.  I can admit that I’m not at all perfect, but I’ve got tons of great qualities (and I’m not afraid to list them) that would make me an ideal mate. But when I sit back and think about if I would I date myself, I’d have to be honest and say no! I could call up my exes and ask them exactly what about me they were attracted to, but what the fuck do they know? They let all this goodness go. But then again, they got farther with me than I would.

I’m a firm believer in the “opposites attract” theory.  This doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me.  Besides our attractions to one another, my previous boyfriends and I had very little in common. For one, I like guys larger than myself.  And I don’t have a height requirement, but I’d like him to be taller than my five feet and eight inches. If we happen to be the same height, I’d prefer him to be at least 25 pounds heavier than I am. I’m 160 pounds and a size small in most shirts with a 30-inch waist. I would think I was cute, I’d compliment my smile and even stare at my ass, but I would not be attracted to my own gymnast’s build or body. I prefer the football player-types.

I really like my personality, but I wouldn’t be attracted to it romantically. As I said, I’m fun, personable and I like to have a good time. But I wouldn’t want to compete with myself for attention at parties or social engagements. I prefer someone mellower. I don’t think it’s a problem, but then again, I’ve never dated anyone who went out as often as I do or had as many social engagements as I do. I’d imagine it could be annoying having a boyfriend who rarely just chilled. I wouldn’t call myself high strung, but I’m really chatty at times and sometimes I come off as a know-it-all.  If my boyfriend were like that, I’d tell him to shut the hell up.

The people I date like the way I am, and I like the way they are so things just work out. I couldn’t date myself because I don’t ask men out and I don’t drive. Those are both things I need in a man. I’m also horrible with electronics and mechanical things and need someone who was at least familiar with basic DVD-Cable-TV-Internet setups. I’m especially messy when it comes to my clothes and getting dressed, and I need someone who is the exact opposite. I cry at sad movies or songs and I’d look cross-eyed at me for doing so if we were dating. I’m really indecisive at times and nothing would get done if it were up to me to decide for my indecisive boyfriend and myself.

So, would I date myself? Probably not. I’m a great catch, but just not for me. I don’t think it would be fun to date someone who looks like me, thinks like me and likes all the same things as me. I would want to be best friends with me and spend a lot of time with me, but a relationship with me is definitely out of the question. I would, however, have sex with me. I know I’m good at that.

Do you think you could date yourself?

  • BougieHippie

    Brilliant! So many ppl boast how they would date themselves yet remain single. Dating isn’t about finding your like mate or even someone to complete you its about finding someone to complement you.

    Therefore your best qualities will be well received while you least qualities are put to the test of evolving.

    In all as I got from your post one must know themselves truly in order to be date-able period.

  • Arnold Fallen

    For the record, it’s not that i DON’T ask men out, I’m usually just too shy in most instances to do so. Therefore, I’d never get to a first date with myself. Darn. 🙂