Do We Love? Stacking & Mix-and-Match Bracelets

This trend has been going on for a while now. However, with the summer months approaching, more men are beginning to compliment simple outfits with complicated wrists.  Men are rocking tons of bracelets on their wrists. Most of the time the bracelets have no rhyme or reason but serve a purpose of loading the arm and stimulating good conversation. One good thing about this trend is that you can mix high and low pieces. No matter if you want to rock a bracelet from Tod’s, TOPMAN or even Urban Outfitters, this fad is very affordable. Here are three quick rules:

Rule #1: Choose a color palette to work with. Don’t try to overdo it with tons of neon colors and neutrals that don’t compliment each other. Doing too much can easily take this trend over the top.

Rule 2: Keep bracelets on one arm. Don’t try to compete by duplicating the same trend on your other arm. Stack and mix-and-match carefully. Don’t overload!

Rule #3: Experiment with different patterns and textures. Mix leather with rope, beads, etc. Having different types of bracelets that compliment each other can make this look even more appealing to the eye.

Are we a fan of stack mix-and-match bracelets?

Special thanks to fashion and lifestyle blogger Oliver Williams from Anorexic Escapades, a collections of tales, ideas and advice from the mind of a cultured young black gay college educated male obsessed with all things thin. Williams supplied us with the photos. Be sure to check out his site and follow him (@WilliamsO). 

  • C. Jay Conrod

    I can get with it. I hate when guys (or girls, for that matter) just have stacks of beaded bracelets though. Break it up and give some diversity!

  • Frank Thomas

    I have never tried this. I’ve seen a lot of dudes do this but I never knew how to do it right. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Brent

    Not a fan