Does Oprah’s Interview With The Kardashian Klan Mean She’s Desperate? (VIDEO)

In a primetime exclusive, Oprah sits down with television’s most famous family—the Kardashians—and their significant others. Tune in to see Kim; Rob; Kendall; Kylie; Kourtney; Khloé; Kris; Kris’ husband, Olympic legend Bruce Jenner; Khloé’s husband of two years, NBA star Lamar Odom; and Kourtney’s longtime boyfriend, Scott Disick, on Sunday, June 17, at 8/7c.

Last week Oprah interviewed rapper 50 Cent. It was no shock the two had a former  feud. During the interview the two discussed where the beef came from and even how their relationship has changed. Also last Sunday, Oprah interviewed Paris Jackson. During her interview, Paris revealed that she has been bullied at school and some kids are mean to her, childhood memories of her late father and future career aspirations in entertainment.

Ever since OWN has launched, headlines surrounding the network haven’t been very positive. Critics and fans are questioning much of the programming as Oprah and her team are trying to figure out what works.  It is yet to be seen whether the OWN will gain the much expected traction.

Do you think Oprah is desperate for viewers? How do you think these interviews will help OWN? Share your comments with us below.

  • Americanboi

    I think Oprah is a journalist. Regardless about how you feel about them you can’t deny that THE Kardashians are a house hold name (not just Kim, the FAMILY). I’m surprised she hadn’t interviewed them sooner. I
    Know she doesnt much care for reality tv stars or people who are famouse for being famouse…but the Kardashians have surpassed what everyone believed they would. I mean they just signed another deal with E! Worth how many millions?

  • BougieHippie

    Nobody likes them but they keep breaking the bank…something doesn’t add up here.

    Its not being desperate its good business. I mean everyone wants a piece of the Kardashians Oprah just late to the buffet…which I am very surprised. tisk tisk tsik.

  • Brent

    Oprah is trying to save her network. I have been watching lately. I don’t think she is desperate but she is grasping for straws. She knows people like trash tv and pop culture.

  • Kema

    Yes she’s desperate. Oprah is a turn coat hypocrite. She once claimed to not like rappers and refused to have them on her show because of their lyrics. But now she see’s nothing wrong with the Kar-Trashians, who have built their fame off Kim’s sex tape.