Former Church Mentor Receives Life In Prison For Posing As Teen Girl Online To Meet Young Boys

When it comes to online profiles, you never know anything about the person you’re talking too. Imagine being a teenage male thinking you’re meeting a young, vibrant girl named “Kristen.” This seemed to the case for two young boys (ages 13 and 14).

Kristen was the online personality of 29-year-old Antoine Johnson. Gwinnett Superior Court Judge Timothy Hamil ordered a life sentence for Johnson for child molestation and possible third victim (age 15).

Hamil called the scheme “absolutely diabolical.” Johnson presented himself as Kristen on MySpace, in emails and even phone calls. There were even tapes offered of Johnson sounding like a young female. Through his profile he would promise the juveniles sexual favors with her if they had sex with him, as a means to show they were loyal and could keep a secret.

Johnson even testified that he created a fictitious online identity on MySpace using a photo from a real account in Texas. Sources report that he was a former intern and summer camp organizer at Hebron Baptist Church. According to records, he mentored as many as 500 boys per week. Outside of his testimonies, he alluded to other events prior where he met boys just for conversation.

Gwinnett Daily Post reports: The teen victim who testified Wednesday said that, entranced by Kristen’s good looks, he agreed to meet Johnson outside his parents’ Dacula home at 2 a.m. one night, where they had oral sex in the driveway. Johnson used a vacant home in an under-construction subdivision for his other wee-hour rendezvous.

“At first I refused for a few weeks … but she kept asking me and asking me, and I gave in,” the teen testified.

Assistant District Attorney Nigel Lush recommended the life sentence because “true pedophiles never get better,” while Johnson’s defense attorney Stacy Levy asked for the mandatory minimum of 25 years, pointing to his family as a strong support system, should he be freed.

Even though Kristen didn’t exist, the damage Johnson has done does. Not only must we pay attention to those we are engaging online but also our influential family members. It’s not safe out here for anyone, especially our children. Ask questions!

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