Green Lantern Comes ‘Out Of The Closet’

To all the comic book fans, say hello to DC comics’ first major gay superhero. The Green Lantern.

Alan Scott, the old (and now new again) Green Lantern has come out of the closet to become DC’ new major gay male.

DC Comics writer James Robinson spoke with Entertainment Weekly to tell the back story on the decision to make Alan Scott come out:

“The original version of Alan Scott was an older man, and he had a superpowered son, Obsidian, who was gay. The fact that Scott was young now [thanks to a universe-wide reboot] meant Obsidian no longer existed. I thought it was a shame that DC was losing such a positive gay character. I said, “Why not make Alan Scott gay?” To Dan DiDio’s credit, when I suggested it to him, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation.

“[The Alan Scott character is] a giant of the media industry. By getting involved in communication, the news, and the Internet, he’s become a billionaire. He’s kind of a cross between Mark Zuckerberg and David Geffen. The original Alan Scott owned a radio station in the ’40s and ’50s, so he was a media giant then. He was this bold, heroic, brave man who took control, who would risk his life for you and be this emerald knight that was always there to protect the world. The Alan Scott I’m doing now is that same dynamic, brave, honorable man. A man that you’d want guarding your welfare, your children, your life, your home. He’s willing to give his life for the world. He’s everything you want in a hero. And he happens to be gay. So really, apart from his sexuality, there isn’t that much of a difference.”

The first issue is Alan’s story comes in the June issue of Earth 2, which, of course, coincides with Marvel’s big gay plans for the historic wedding of Northstar and Kyle.

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  • Jei

    I just knew for sure it was going to be Aquaman! I commend DC for what they’re doing. I would have preferred it to be John Stewart[the black green lantern], but I think that would have caused a SERIOUS issue with some closed minded people…

  • It’s Cost Me A Lot, But There’s One Thing That I’ve Got…

    I may start buying comics again. We gotta support our community as a whole any way we can. There is power in the numbers folks.