HIV Testing Could Be Coming To A Pharmacy Near You – Would This Be Effective?

When it comes to HIV/AIDS awareness and testing, many companies are being creative when it comes to spreading awareness. Imagine taking an HIV/AIDS test at your local pharmacy-

There is a $1.2 million project in the works that would offer free rapid HIV tests at pharmacies and in-store clinics in 24 cities and rural communities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday that they are hoping testing would become a routine service at drugstores like blood pressure checks and flu shots.

“By bringing HIV testing into pharmacies, we believe we can reach more people by making testing more accessible and reduce the stigma associated with HIV,” CDC’s Dr. Kevin Fenton said in a statement.

The CDC announced that the two-year initiative to train pharmacists and clinic staff members at retail stores to administer rapid HIV testing, in efforts to make testing easily accessible and available for everyone.

“I’m excited. It’s such a new and novel thing for us,” said Sarah Freedman, who manages a Walgreens in Washington, D.C., that is participating in the pilot program.

Testing sites include Walgreens in Washington, D.C. as well as branches in Chicago and Lithonia, Ga. Other locations include East Pines Pharmacy in Riverdale, Md., Mike’s Pharmacy in Oakland, Calif. and a federal Indian Health Service location in Billings, Mont. It is reported that each location will have enough to perform 200 to 300 tests using OraSure Technologies Inc. They are trying to release take home tests but still awaiting government approval.

Would you go to a drugstore for an AIDS test? Do you think this would be effective? Let us know what you think!

(Photo via AP)

  • Brent

    I think the message is there but who is funding all these programs. It’s good to see awareness but I can only think of costs.