I Said My Soror: 3 Reasons Why MIAKAs Should Leave AKAs Alone

When it comes to Greek organizations, there is a definitely an unspoken truth against homosexuality. But bigotry in any form is never excellent or a positive gesture of brotherhood and sisterhood. From unwarranted hazing and blatant discrimination against sexuality, black sororities and fraternities quickly find themselves in the news.

There may be a lawsuit in preparation against the pioneering and most renowned sorority founded for African American women. MIAKA (or Men Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority) is threatening to file a lawsuit against Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.. The group of men, whom all are homosexual, are alleging homophobia and gender discrimination against the sorority for not letting them join.

If we hold these allegations to be self-evident then… here are some suggestions:

Learn From The Past

For the MIAKA drama to be brought up again in the news, it makes me think the organization didn’t learn from the first time. Back in 2008, blogs and media sites were inundated with photos and videos of the ‘underground’ organization mocking AKA. Photos of inductees and video of a probate of the Tri Alpha Chapter of MIAKA from Texas Southern University and Prairie View A&M were published everywhere online. I would be remiss if I said I’ve never seen this type of behavior on my college campus while in undergrad.  You would be surprised at how many subversive Greek organizations there are (please consult your local HBCU campuses). However, utilizing the organization’s history, mission, crest and signature ‘copyrighted’ gestures is illegal and could incur fines and a counter-suit.

Create & Charter Your Own Organization

Sororities are organizations for women, and fraternities for men. Instead of mocking Pan-Hellenic organizations that are known to condone gender bias and sexuality-based discrimination , why not create a new organization free from a group free from this type of behavior. There are tons of organizations founded by LGBT members like Delta Phi Upsilon and Theta Xi Theta that promote acceptance and community outreach.

Greek Letters Don’t Make It Right

I can definitely understand the need for inclusion and celebration of diversity. I understand that we are not all the same. Creating support systems that encourage and celebrate those who share the same values is much needed in our community. I just wonder if attaching three Greek letters to your organization is the answer. Seems like blacks will try to brand any organization with Greek letters. A sisterhood/brotherhood does not have to have Greek letters.

There is only so much I can commend the organization on, but originality is definitely not one of them.  As black gay men, we really have to learn how to support ourselves. So many times we want to be invited to the party or sit among our fellow brothering that we embarrass ourselves in the process.  Hopefully this discussion will help the organization to see the disrespect of the integrity of what AKA founders envisioned 104 years ago.

Do you feel the MIAKA chapter should revisit their mission? Are you in support of the organization? Do you feel guys should be able to join sororities? Let’s discuss!


Drew-Shane Daniels is the editor-in-chief of MUSED. He is also a contributing writer for other sites to help pay his student loans. And a branding and content strategist. He loves tacos, dark liquor and Dr. Pepper.

  • Brent

    This is sad. Why would they want to be like those ladies? I have heard of male deltas and zetas too. Akas are not the only one.

  • Chris

    I sure wish these miakas would sit down somewhere!!! They just like attention! Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is at no fault by not letting them join! Fraternities and Sororities have standards on which they admit members! These standards are set, to allow the best possible in (even though many slip through the cracks), and in my opinion miakas are NOT the standard that would best represent Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

  • @AllFreshAiric

    I ran across this last night hoping & still hoping it was a joke. I just cant comprehend why these guys would feel the need to infringe upon a globally established PRIVATE organization for WOMEN. You’re a man with a penis! You cant join. Whats the debate? Its cute to do your BFF & her sorors strolls and signage up in the club because its fun or something & if you were a woman, you’d SO be a *insert favored BGL-Sorority*, but this is just preposterous and embarrassing. There are more than enough Greek letters, mantras, missions, objectives, colors, hand signs, calls & symbols to CREATE YOUR OWN organization. Try again, MiAKA. You’re interested. Thats as far as anyobe could realistically see that ambition going. Maybe AKA Sweethearts or Gentlemen, whatever the title should be for the sororital opposite, is something to look to.

  • It’s Cost Me A Lot, But There’s One Thing That I’ve Got…

    This is the type of shit that keeps people hating we black homosexuals. This shit is ridiculous. They need to create their own organization and trail blaze for other LBGT individuals they go to school with just like we do the ballroom/vogue houses and systems. This is a slap in the face to the very creativity and cleverness of the gay community. We can do better than this.

  • Americanboi

    Completely ridiculous. How on earth are they trying to sue bc a WOMAN’s sorority won’t allow them in! This IS one of the reasons why people shun homosexuality in the black community. YOUR NOT A WOMAN! Create your own! This isn’t even about Homosexuality. I personally know quite a few leabians that are AKAs. This is a national sorority for WOMEN! Like….ugh….absolutely disgusting and really embarrassing.

  • http://revolutionarypaideia.com Antonio Maurice Daniels

    They simply need to get over it. No court in America is going to make an organization founded by and for women force it to accept these men into the organization. They are coons.

  • https://twitter.com/ColeNoSlaw Markiz Johnson

    All I can do is shake my head. Everyone in the gay community wants to holler out that they’re being discriminated. Shit look how people act! I mean, how you’re going to sue a sorority?! It’s clearly for women. it’s been that way for past 100 years. They are guys! You can join one of the fraternities or make your own. The judge is definitely going to dismiss this case because of the fact that Alpha Kappa Alpha has a history for women..and the tables could be turned because they are mocking a greek organization completely..idiots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/diepiriye Diepiriye Sungumote Kuku-Siemo

    Meanwhile…seen any other Black gay groups? BTW, I am sure that that do more than just step.