Midtown Comics Honors Same-Sex Comic Book Wedding With A Real One

What a way to truly celebrate a comic book issue.

Scott Everhart, 39, and Jason Welker, 33, a couple from Columbus, Ohio, got married yesterday at Midtown Comics in New York. The wedding was in honor of yesterdaty’s release of the Astonishing X-Men issue in which superhero Northstar marries his boyfriend, Kyle. A reception for Everhart and Welker was scheduled for this afternoon at the Eventi Hotel.

The two were selected from more than fifty applicants because “they really stood out as super-fans,” said Thor Parker, Midtown Comics’ social media and events director. The couple met online and had one of their first dates at a comics-related event. So it was quite unanimous that this couple would be chosen to have their wedding in the comic book store.

Now that’s what I call an amazing way to celebrate a historical moment in the comic book industry.

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