MUST READS! Joseline, ‘Love In Hip Hop: Atlanta’ A Male? + Photos From ‘Stop & Frisk’ Protest…

Was Joseline Hernandez of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” Exposed As A Man? (VIDEO)– Seems like the drama has already started to get viewers to tune into “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” which premieres tonight. Check out this video as Joseline gets offended from a fellow vlogger.

Stop-and-Frisk March, Packed And Peaceful- There was a protest in honor of the Stop and Frisk codes in New York City. On Sunday protestors and observers rallied together for a harmless march. Peep the photos- @The Root

Miami Sizzle CEO Responds To Desperate Shade From DC Promoters (Really???)– Appears everyone was flexing their bank accounts and receipts for Memorial Day- either Miami or DC. Can we just not get along and support each other? Read the comments from Sizzle CEO, Dwight Powell vs. Omega Entertainment in Washington, D.C.  @G-List Society

Video: Watch The First Episode Of TV Land’s New Series “The Soul Man”– Watch the first episode of “The Soul Man” staring Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash. Seems like a good watch. @Concrete Loop

Video: NYC 5th Grader To Deliver Previously-Banned Speech On Marriage Equality- A NYC student will be allowed to deliver a speech on same-sex marriage. Kameron Slade has been featured on various sites, but you can find the video here. @Rod 2.0

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  • Jei

    I don’t know if she’s trans or not, but she DOES resemble the lady who played Big DiDi on Half&Half!

    I’m glad to hear the 5th grader will be able to read his speech! I heard it and it almost made me cry to know that a child could be so understanding and accepting of a lifestyle that many adults look at in disgust.

    • Drew-Shane

      LMAO! She does look like Big DiDi! #dead

  • Bizzy Blanco

    lol. Yes she does give you Big DiDi with that manly face. I can’t wait for all of the fucky tonight!

  • david

    Too muscular – shoulders, legs, arms. A man.