New Survey: LGBT Youth Are Less Happy Than Straights

It looks like there are more unhappy teens than we thought.

According to a survey that tested more than 10,000 kids from ages 13-17, LGBT youth are found to be less happy than straight classmates. 67% of straight kids described themselves as happy, but only 37% of LGBT kids could say the same, according to a report from the Human Rights Campaign. They do seem to believe that “It Gets Better,” as the viral video campaign targeting them has promised. The survey also found that 83% of LGBT youth believe they will one day be happy.

When the HRC asked LGBT youth to name the top concerns in their lives right now, the list was vastly different from straight youth — who named things you might expect like grades and college worries. The first concern for LGBT youth was non-accepting families. The second one was school bullying, and the third one was a fear of being out.

Although 56% said they are out to their families, a third of respondents said their family don’t accept their sexuality. More than half of LGBT youth said they’d been verbally harassed, and 47% said they don’t “fit in,” which is different from the 25% of straight student who said they’d been called names and 16% of straight youth said they didn’t fit in.

“No one would say that growing up LGBT is easy, but this survey is a stark wake-up call to the daily toll that discrimination takes on vulnerable young people,” incoming HRC President Chad Griffin said in a statement. “We have a responsibility to change that, because we know all too well that there are real life consequences to inaction.”

The report is said to be Griffin’s first move in his new job after leaving the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

Roque Caston is a writer, blogger, and journalist who resides in New York City. He’s a college student majoring in Writing & Literature. He created the humor blog “Roque’s Reality” from 2009-2014. His writings has been featured in various digital and print publications such as True Fashionista Now, The Future Forward, Gayosphere, Floss Magazine, Juan& and Swerv Magazine.

  • C. Jay Conrod

    Sometimes I feel like all of these surveys and studies only illustrate the obvious. Do people need to actually see statistics and numbers to believe the reality that exists and has always existed? Here it is. Now, what are we gonna do about it?

  • rick

    The numbers are not surprising, but I think they help open people eyes to the issue of LGBT youth and their issues.