Run That Beat! Black Dances By The Decades (VIDEOS)


The Moonwalk – Arguably performed first in 1932 to Cab Calloway’s “The Buzz,” the Moonwalk ignited when Michael Jackson added the dance to his stage artillery. The rest is history!

appears at 3:38

The Running Man – The Running Man became a popular move for street dancers in the late 80s, but saw its rise to nationwide popularity when it was performed in Janet Jackson’s iconic “Rhythm Nation” video, as well as in routines from MC Hammer and Milli Vanilli.

The Cabbage Patch – The easiest dance of the century, the Cabbage Patch was named after the (hideous) doll craze of the 80s. Rap group N.W.A. took the Cabbage Patch on stage where it became a signature piece of their performance.