Run That Beat! Black Dances By The Decades (VIDEOS)


Tootsie Roll – Cotton candy, sweet as gold, let me see that tootsie roll! Yes, those words caused all the commotion back in 1994 when the 69 Boyz released a Platinum-certified Top 10 single of the same name.

The Funky Charleston aka the Kid n’ Play – Rap duo Kid n’ Play first introduced the Funky Charleston in their music video “Gittin’ Funky.” The dance became a phenomenon when it was performed in the black blockbuster House Party. Kid n’ Play’s upgrade on the traditional Charleston became an instant house party and dance club classic.

Appears at 1:15

Bankhead Bounce – When the dirty south became the Hip-Hop mecca, it was only a short amount of time before the Atlanta dance crazes began to settle in. The Bankhead Bounce was popularized by an early D-Roc (of the Ying Yang Twins) and was performed by Michael Jackson at the 1995 MTV VMAs.