Run That Beat! Black Dances By The Decades (VIDEOS)


Beef It Up – Disappointingly, there’s no hunky man involved; however, beefing it up in the south is one of the most exciting things to do… allegedly. Branded by The Charlie Boy Gang, to “Beef It Up” is nothing more than a propelling motion of hands and imaginary energy wiping what appears to be a vertical plane of some sort angled at a…wait, what’s going on here? The beef it up dance has enjoyed a stint of variations along with a host of college students rallying for its reach to mainstream arenas.

Stripper Kick – In light of the “twerk” movement, females have found another way to sell themselves in the club. The Stripper Kick, popularized by – you guessed it, exotic dancers – has amassed a cult following in the club crowd. You wanna see some *ss? Better yet, I’m sure you’d prefer the bottom of my heels.

Appears at 0:28

The Dougie – Originally created in Texas, the Cali Swag District-popularized hit dance approached America as a set of instructions and backed by a catchy hook and a summer release. The fun-to-do dance was supported by a widespread YouTube dougie fest as well as a few celebrity stabs at the dance.

What are some of your favorite dances you can’t get enough of? Share with us below.