Smash Or Pass: Mehcad Brooks Goes Shirtless For ‘Necessary Roughness’ Promos

For all of his fans, Mehcad Brooks is returning to the big screen. Brooks has been known to make many cameos on television shows by taking walk on roles or playing a reoccurring character. The actor is making another appearance on Necessary Roughness. With the show returning this week, Brooks has been kicking it in for promotions and interviews.

In a recent interview, Brooks spoke about his character difference: “TK and I are really different. Like he, he’s not even a dude I would hang out with. Tell you the truth. But I’ve known guys like that and it’s just about really you know, taking five minutes to believe your hype… There’s no boundaries, you’re put on a pedestal by society, so that means you’re above the societal mirror which means you can’t even really look at yourself in a realistic light.”

Look for Mehcad Brooks and the return of Necessary Roughness at 10/9c on USA Network, Wednesday, June 6.

Smash or pass?


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