Smash Or Pass: ‘Return Of Mack,’ Anthony Mackie Rocks UPTOWN Magazine Cover

New Orleans native and actor Anthony Mackie is featured in UPTOWN Magazine’s June/July issue. He’s the main eye candy for the Home & Food Issue and snags a six photo spread debuting some pre-fall looks.  In addition to commenting on some of his favorite dishes he talks about adjusting to fame, his love for theatre and why he began acting.

Check out some of the deets from the interview-

On fame: “There’s a difference between being a working actor and being a celebrity … If you’re in this field you have to ask yourself that in the beginning and be honest with yourself. If you want to be a celebrity go after that 100 percent. If you want to be a working actor, it may mean doing a play that no one sees, but you love the craft.”

On buying the hype: “Everybody was like ‘This is it, dog, you’re blowing up. I bought into it thinking that my ‘Denzel time’ had come. I was left there with egg on my face.”

On being recognized for his craft: “Sometimes recognition and accolades and possessions aren’t exactly the gravy on the mash potatoes. Sometimes that’s the stuff that comes when it comes. If it doesn’t come, I’m not upset about it because that’s not what I’m looking for.”

On his first love, theater: “It’s instant gratification. I know now that in certain aspects of my life, I’m a whore for attention. I love to be on stage … and I love to say something and hear the audience respond. It’s a drug.”

On catching the acting bug: “I was reading and doing stuff that nobody else in school was. I’m in ninth grade reading Chekhov, Ibsen, and Shakespeare. I was doing plays downtown. It was fun.”

On his legacy: “I love where I am right now. If I grow up to be Don Cheadle, I’m very happy with that.”

Peep some of the photos from the spread-

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Smash or Pass?